Mar 27, 2017

Building deeper knowledge of our fellow young people on Youth Unemployment issues in rural areas, building stronger capacites to implement home projects that mentored by national peer-facilitators, and listen to their voices directly on local Youth Unemployment issues consultation for the program's lesson learned and recommendation.

GENERAL Requirements:
1. An active youth aged 19 - 25 years old by May 2017
2. Currently residing in Indonesia
3. Representing local youth organization or local institution focusing on youth empowerment issues
4. Has big interest in youth engagement for youth development
5. Is available to travel to Semarang and join all sessions of YOUth4Dev Academy Boot Camp on May 3 - 7, 2017
6. Committed to run a Youth Unemployment Issues related project after coming back to your home community
7. Filling the application form at which includes Action Plan on "How Will I Contribute to My Community to Tackling Youth Unemployment Issues" and Personal Statement, and submit your short Profile Video no later than March 31, 2017
8. Has social media accounts, has followed YOUth4Dev social media accounts, and posted #You4Youth Photo Challenge

Poster YOUth4Dev Academy Boot Camp Semarang 2017

ACTION PLAN Requirements:
1. No more than 2 pages
2. Please include information regarding to
    (a) A brief background issues
    (b) Civic Awareness: how does your Action Plan raise the awareness and understanding around the issue in your community?
    (c) Audience Reach: what population are hoping to reach with your Action Plan? Will the Action Plan impact a large number of people or particular community that could truly benefit from your Action Plan?
3. Paste your Action Plan to the column in the application form

PROFILE VIDEO Requirements:
1. No longer than 3 minutes
2. Has a clear video and audio settings
3. Make sure that you answer these questions in your short video in English:
    (a) Very short personal introduction - your name and the province you are representing
    (b) What are the current youth unemployment issues in your community?
    (c) How will you contribute to decrease the level of youth unemployment issues in your community?
    (d) How this program could benefit you, both for you personal and your future works towards Indonesia's youth development?
    (e) What makes you the perfect candidate to be the representative of your province to join this program?
4. Upload your video to personal YouTube account and use this format on the title: "YOUth4Dev Academy Boot Camp Profile Video - [Your Full Name] | #YOUth4Dev #You4Youth" then paste the link on the application form

#You4Youth PHOTO CHALLENGE Requirements:
1. Has a clear and good quality photo settings
2. You may edit it using the YOUth4Dev's photo frame at
3. Upload it to your social media account(s) with the caption: YOUth4Dev Academy Boot Camp Photo Challenge - [Your Full Name] | #YOUth4Dev #You4Youth along with your campaign message on Youth For Sustainable Development, and don't forget to tag our social media account(s) (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)
4. Each applicant must upload at least 1 (one) photo to their preferred social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and is allowed to upload more than 1 (one) photo




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